RESERVED: Agate Necklace- Deposit

RESERVED: Agate Necklace- Deposit

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Reserved: Please do not purchase u less you are the intended client, thank you! 

Deposit on Agate necklace (client supplied stone) set with an angled orientation, in a short scalloped fine silver bezel with a decorative beaded border atop a full sterling silver backing with artists makers mark “Gemstoned” hand stamped on rear with a textured oval link chain attached with an adjustable length of 14-16”. 

Estimate: $125-$135, Deposit: $50, remainder upon completion. 

Stone provided by client: I am willing to take a look at a customer’s stones and determine if they are of the type and quality I usually set. I may choose not to set your stones based on this and will return them. If I choose to set your stone, you must be aware that stones are all different and some may have fractures or weak spots that are not apparent to the naked eye. Each stone is different and is case by case. If your stone fractures during the creation of a piece, you agree not to hold me liable, and I will return the broken stone and your initial deposit.